How do I register to vote?

You can register to vote by mail, in person or online. Find out more details here.

When will my residential trash be picked up?

You can check the schedule for garbage pickup at your address here. This trash pickup only applies to residences. Commercial establishments must contract with a commercial carter for trash.

What are the regulations pertaining to rooftop cooling towers?

Cooling towers are structures usually found on top of larger buildings which help to circulate air and maintain comfortable conditions within the building. The city has enacted specific policies about how these towers must be maintained and disinfected in order to prevent disease. You can view these policies here.

What are the laws regarding grease traps?

The city has an in-depth list of rules regarding grease traps in food establishments so as to ensure proper disposal. Please see this pdf for further information.

Can I display merchandise outside my store?

You may exhibit merchandise on a temporary installation that is less than five feet high and extends no more than 3 feet from the building into the sidewalk. All merchandise must be purchased inside, regardless of where it is displayed. Learn more here.

How can I report illegal garbage dumping or other items obstructing the street or sidewalk?

Merchants can report abandoned items, illegal dumping or hazards such as fallen tree branches by calling 311. There is also a complaint section on the 311 website.

How can I access my building’s property tax bill?

The Department of Finance maintains property tax records. Enter your address information here to find it.

What restrictions does the zoning on Atlantic Avenue put on my business?

Downtown Brooklyn as a whole is part of a special zoning district. Atlantic Avenue is a subdistrict within that district, with specific zoning regulations to maintain the historic character of the neighborhood.

Where can I find out about parking regulations?

Merchants and residents can call 311 to find out about alternate side parking and other parking regulations. To view the full list of parking regulations, click here.

The answer to my question isn’t on this page. Where can I find additional information that could help me?

The New York Public Library compiles resources and links on its small business page. For questions specific to Atlantic Avenue, email us at or call 718-522-6100.

How can I advertise on the bus shelters?

Bus shelters are a great way to promote your business locally. See the MTA website.

How can I submit an event for this website?

You can submit events here or from our homepage by hovering over “Events” and then clicking “Submit an Event.” You are required to provide a name, date, location, price and time for your event.

What events are going on at the Barclays Center?

View the calendar here.

I want my business to be listed in the Atlantic Avenue Shopping Guide. How can I submit my info?

You can fill out our form here to update or enter your information. Additionally, you can email

What times does the ferry stop at Pier 6 in Brooklyn Bridge Park?

The South Brooklyn ferry, which runs from Bay Ridge to Wall Street, makes regular stops at Pier 6. View the schedule here.  During the summer, a ferry also runs from Pier 6 to Governor’s Island.

I heard that the Boerum Hill Historic District might expand to include a portion of Atlantic Avenue. How can I learn more?

This is a map of the proposed expansion. For specific questions, contact the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

I heard that a streetcar may be coming to the area. Where can I get more information?

The mayor has proposed the BQX streetcar to connect Sunset Park to Long Island City. This proposed route will go through our district as well. To see more details from the city’s Economic Development Corporation, the agency that oversees the development of the BQX, click here.

How do I get into the Hoyt Street Garden?

The Hoyt Street Garden is locked when it isn’t in use, but visitors can get a free access key through GRDN, a store across the street from the garden. For more information about the Hoyt Street Garden, click here.

How do I sign up to participate in the Atlantic Antic?

The Atlantic Avenue Local Development Corporation, not the BID, is responsible for the Atlantic Antic. You can apply to be a vendor here.

How do I get my business certified as minority-owned or women-owned for the purposes of securing government contracts?

New York State certifies minority and women-owned businesses. Find out how to become eligible and apply.

Are there specific programs which can help me as a woman entrepreneur?

The Women’s Venture Fund provides special loans and other assistance geared towards women seeking to start their own businesses. The Business Outreach Center in Brooklyn also runs the Women’s Business Center, which offers free one-on-one business plan development and mentoring.

Where can I access loans to start my business?

There are many resources which offer loans to potential and current small business owners. The Business Outreach Center offers loans of up to $25,000 to new entrepreneurs.

The New York Business Development Corporation offers a variety of loans both for those starting businesses and seeking to expand their business.

The federal government’s Small Business Administration matches businesses with appropriate lenders.

The Business Center for New Americans (BCNA) helps refugees, immigrants, women, and other New Yorkers achieve economic self-sufficiency, and wealth creation through microloans to start and grow businesses.

How can I make my business more accessible to people with disabilities?

The United Spinal Organization published a PDF explaining the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The ADA website lists specific design standards for accessibility.

Where can I access guide books about business management?

The Brooklyn Public Library has a Business & Career Center at their main branch in Grand Army Plaza.

Where can I network with other small business owners?

The NYC Department of Small Business Services hosts regular events and forums to promote networking between merchants. The schedule for these events is posted here.

Where can I learn about the steps to establish a business and obtain a commercial lease?

Merchants can learn the basics of establishing a business through courses from the Department of Small Business Services.

Where can I learn about how to improve my business credit?

Merchants can learn about improving their credit through courses from the Department of Small Business Services.

Where can I find suitable employees for my business?

The NYC Economic Development Corporation provides a free service called HireNYC that connects workers to appropriate companies.

Where can I learn about using social media to better market my business?

The NYC Department of Small Business Services offers free courses on online marketing. Additionally, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce offers a program called GoDigital. GoDigital provides onsite social media training to emerging small businesses.

How can I find out who my elected officials and community boards are?

You can find the representatives and community boards for your area here.

What police precinct am I in? Who are my Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs)?

You can find your precinct, sector and NCOs here.

I would like for the city to place a bench in front of my business. How do I make that happen?

The DOT runs a program called CityBench which provides benches free of charge upon request. Certain locations are prioritized over others. To request a bench, click here.

I would like to purchase and place a bench in front of my business. What do I need to know?

If you are going to provide your own bench, you need to apply for revocable consent through the DOT. The area in front of your storefront also needs to meet certain minimum standards for pedestrian passage.

I would like a bike rack in front of my property. How do I request one from the city?

If you would like a bike rack, you can request one here. However, keep in mind that BID requests tend to get processed faster, so it might be better to reach out to us to request one for you at

How can I report abandoned bicycles?

Merchants and residents can report abandoned bikes here.

I want to plant something in the tree pits outside of my building. Can I do that?

Yes, but before doing so, please notify us at We do a lot of streetscape projects and it’s possible we are already planning something for that space!

I want to beautify my block. How can I get funding for that?

Residents passionate about their block can apply for up to $1000 in funding through the “Love Your Block” grant funded by the Citizens Committee for New York City. Apply here.

Residents who would like to implement projects in parks specifically can apply for funding here. Million Trees NYC offers funding for community projects related to the environment as well.

The streetlight in front of my building is out. Who should I contact?

If the street light is a black historic light, email us with its location at If it is a standard cobra head, the DOT is in charge of repairs. File a complaint here.

What permits do I need to open a nail salon?

The New York State Division of Licensing Services provides permits and licenses to nail salons. This licensing process includes an application and an exam. 

How do I get permits to open a sidewalk cafe as part of my restaurant?

The NYC Department of Consumer Affairs is in charge of assigning permits for sidewalk cafes. The requirements and application process are detailed here.

What are the most common violations that small businesses receive, and how do I avoid them?

The most common violations include putting out garbage at incorrect times, failure to hire a commercial carter, and dirty sidewalks. See more here.


What do I do if I see graffiti in the district or on my property?

If you see vandalism in progress, call 911. Document it if it is safe to do so, and pass that information to the police. 

The BID has a graffiti-removal program during the warmer months for ground-level, street-facing surfaces. Property and business owners are encouraged to report graffiti to the BID through emailing a photo, address and description of the surface (brick, painted metal, etc) to

Am I responsible for shoveling snow in front of my business or does the BID take care of it?

Merchants are typically responsible for snow removal in front of their storefronts, depending on how the lease with the landlord is written. You can view the related regulations here. We provide supplemental sanitation, but we only shovel snow at curb cuts leading to crosswalks and also at bus shelters.

Do I have to contract with a commercial carter for removal of my business’s trash?

Yes. The Department of Sanitation does not collect business trash. For more information about private carters, see this link.

How do I dispose of electronics?

The Salvation Army in our district (436 Atlantic Ave) accepts electronics for recycling. For a complete list of drop-off locations, click here.

I live in the neighborhood. How can I request that the Department of Sanitation pick up a large item from my home?

You can request a pick up only for non recyclable items here.

At what times does the Department of Sanitation issue summonses for sidewalk litter?

Officers check sidewalks twice a day at specified times for one hour. They typically patrol our district between 11am and noon and between 3 and 4 pm. See this link to learn more and call 311 for further specifics.

How do I repair my broken sidewalk?

Property owners are responsible for sidewalk repair in front of their buildings. They can choose to have DOT complete the work and send them a bill, or hire a private contractor with the proper permits. This webpage elaborates on sidewalk repair laws.

Do I have to keep the sidewalks in front of my building clean?

Merchants are responsible for keeping the area in front of their storefronts clean up to 18” into the street. For more information, visit the Department of Sanitation website.

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