Am I responsible for shoveling snow in front of my business or does the BID take care of it?

Merchants are typically responsible for snow removal in front of their storefronts, depending on how the lease with the landlord is written. You can view the related regulations here. We provide … Continue Reading →

Do I have to contract with a commercial carter for removal of my business’s trash?

Yes. The Department of Sanitation does not collect business trash. For more information about private carters, see this link.

How do I dispose of electronics?

The Salvation Army in our district (436 Atlantic Ave) accepts electronics for recycling. For a complete list of drop-off locations, click here.

I live in the neighborhood. How can I request that the Department of Sanitation pick up a large item from my home?

You can request a pick up only for non recyclable items here.

At what times does the Department of Sanitation issue summonses for sidewalk litter?

Officers check sidewalks twice a day at specified times for one hour. They typically patrol our district between 11am and noon and between 3 and 4 pm. See this link … Continue Reading →