Our Services

Marketing: The BID is continually making an effort to develop Atlantic Avenue’s identity. We created a logo and tagline for the district and we are reinforcing this through our banners, business cards, signs, and online presence. We produce events throughout the year and promote Atlantic Avenue through investments in public relations to get positive media coverage about the avenue in local and city-wide media.

The BID creates this website and updates both Facebook and Twitter with updates from all of Atlantic Avenue’s nearly 400 businesses. We also create a paper shopping guide published twice per year distributed in local hotels, tourist destinations, and Atlantic Avenue stores.

Beautification and streetscape: The BID maintains the tree pits and trees on the avenue as well as the distinctive historic lights.

Sanitation: We pay for supplemental sanitation services six days per week. These services focus primarily on picking up and bagging litter to ensure the streets remain clean. These services also include painting of street furniture and graffiti removal in the warmer months. To report an incidence of graffiti, please email us at info@atlanticavebid.org

Advocacy: In addition to coordinating the above services, the BID staff person works with the volunteer BID board of directors to advocate for a positive business environment. This work includes: 1) advocating for zoning and new buildings that reflect the classic retail character of the avenue; 2) creating an adequate supply of parking and making sure that spots are available at the busiest shopping times; 3) reducing the number of vacant storefronts; and 4) creating a digital newsletter with educational information for merchants. We also work with the various city departments to advocate for the best interests of Atlantic Avenue.

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