When will my residential trash be picked up?

You can check the schedule for garbage pickup at your address here. This trash pickup only applies to residences. Commercial establishments must contract with a commercial carter for trash.

What are the regulations pertaining to rooftop cooling towers?

Cooling towers are structures usually found on top of larger buildings which help to circulate air and maintain comfortable conditions within the building. The city has enacted specific policies about … Continue Reading →

What are the laws regarding grease traps?

The city has an in-depth list of rules regarding grease traps in food establishments so as to ensure proper disposal. Please see this pdf for further information.

How can I report abandoned bicycles?

Merchants and residents can report abandoned bikes here.

What do I do if I see graffiti in the district or on my property?

If you see vandalism in progress, call 911. Document it if it is safe to do so, and pass that information to the police.  The BID has a graffiti-removal program … Continue Reading →