Can I display merchandise outside my store?

You may exhibit merchandise on a temporary installation that is less than five feet high and extends no more than 3 feet from the building into the sidewalk. All merchandise … Continue Reading →

How can I report illegal garbage dumping or other items obstructing the street or sidewalk?

Merchants can report abandoned items, illegal dumping or hazards such as fallen tree branches by calling 311. There is also a complaint section on the 311 website.

I would like for the city to place a bench in front of my business. How do I make that happen?

The DOT runs a program called CityBench which provides benches free of charge upon request. Certain locations are prioritized over others. To request a bench, click here.

I would like to purchase and place a bench in front of my business. What do I need to know?

If you are going to provide your own bench, you need to apply for revocable consent through the DOT. The area in front of your storefront also needs to meet … Continue Reading →

I would like a bike rack in front of my property. How do I request one from the city?

If you would like a bike rack, you can request one here. However, keep in mind that BID requests tend to get processed faster, so it might be better to … Continue Reading →