Wealth Fitness Rich in Services

By Melissa Duchan

Wealth Fitness, a new gym offering comprehensive fitness services, debuted on Atlantic earlier this month. Joe Setty, the owner, has a decade of experience in the fitness industry. His journey to owning his own gym has been a long one. He started out as a chef and wasn’t happy. His best friend owned a personal training company which prompted Joe to start giving classes. After working for corporate gyms for ten years, he decided he wanted to take the leap and open a gym of his own. Joe believes that running a gym independently enables him to provide individualized care, comfort, and support to each client. Gym franchises can be very intimidating to people new to fitness, especially women who may feel uncomfortable surrounded by muscle-bound men. Joe wants to cultivate a non-threatening environment where everyone can work out comfortably.

Although the transition from working for a corporation to owning your own business can be very daunting, Joe decided to go for it after hearing about an opening on Atlantic off Henry.  He is well-acquainted with the area, having grown up on Henry and Degraw. He liked the proximity to Brooklyn Bridge Park and the fact that the area is health-conscious. There is also very little competition as there aren’t many gyms close by. Joe’s correct assessment of the area as “health-conscious” has worked to his benefit. The reception in the neighborhood so far has been very positive, with many interested clients.

The gym offers a wide range of services ranging from yoga to meal prep to personal training. They also offer a program called Step After Therapy to help people recover from injuries. Wealth Fitness is located at 101 Atlantic Avenue between Henry and Hicks. They can be reached at 718-522-1248. Follow them on Facebook at WealthFitnessBklyn and on Instagram at WealthFitnessBK.


The gym offers a broad range of equipment for different fitness levels and target areas on the body.


Owner Joe Setty next to his equipment.


A panoramic view of the expansive gym. 

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