Brooklyn has quickly gained recognition for its artisanal, hand crafted foods. This basket is full of delicious, high-quality foods that show the diversity of Brooklyn’s distinct culture. Round out your day the Brooklyn way! Two Moon Shortbread & Ambrosial Granola to start your morning right; a smear of Empire Mayo to make your lunch time sandwich something special; snack on some Regina Pistachios throughout the day and add a Brooklyn kick to your dinner with some Ft. Greene Sriracha or Queen Majesty hot sauce! Thought this basket didn’t have it all? Well “fuggedaboutit”! For dessert, how about a sundae topped with Spoonable’s Caramel or some delicious Tumbador Chocolate – and wash it all down with a cocktail using Hella Bitters Tonic!

187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 624-4550


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