Radicle Herb Shop: Setting Down Roots on Atlantic

By Melissa Duchan

Radicle Herb Shop is another recent arrival to the avenue. Its owner, Chris, set up shop on April 28 and has already set down roots on Atlantic. Chris chose the area because of its high foot traffic, picturesque setting, and interested clientele. Most of his customers are from the local area, providing him with a loyal customer base he can rely on. Herbalist education is a field that’s growing in popularity and Radicle Herb Shop wants to be part of that trend. They are already looking into partnering with the neighboring Brooklyn Commons. The Commons is a valuable community space for people to learn about new ideas and Chris wants to use that venue to foster knowledge about herbalism. Coincidentally, the owner of the Commons is an herbalist as well. Hopefully, the shop will continue to grow roots on Atlantic for many years.

The shop is located at 394 Atlantic between Hoyt and Bond. They can be reached at 718-422-7981 and their website is radicleherbshop.com.



The shelves of Radicle Herb Shop are lined with miscellaneous dried herbs and flowers.



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