ONE 15 Marina Arrives on the Shores of Brooklyn Bridge Park

By Melissa Duchan

The ONE° 15 Marina and Sailing Club, the first new marina to come to New York in decades, opened in May at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The marina’s floating docks offer a panoramic view of the city skyline. Sailboat or motorboat owners can dock their boats at the marina for a fee when not in use. While their boat is safely parked at the marina, they can take a stroll down Atlantic to explore all that Brooklyn has to offer. Many locals also park their boats there.

Those who do not own their own boats can choose from a daily, monthly, seasonal or annual membership in the ONE° 15 sailing club. The club owns 8 J-80 sailboats. These boats are used for regatta (boat race) nights as well as private charters. The New York Yacht Club held a highly successful regatta from Brooklyn Bridge Park to Newport from August 3-8. People looking to do shorter, more leisurely trips can socialize while they race past Governor’s Island. These sailing meet-ups are usually followed by refreshments such as gin and tonics and food. The shore-side barbecues are a valuable amenity for hungry members of the sailing club. However, ONE° 15 plans to convert its current office space into a restaurant for the 2017 season for people who may want a wider array of food options.

There is also a community dock adjacent to the docks where the J-80s are located. This dock is used for kids and community programming, some of which is free or low-cost.

David, the current manager, began working at the marina on July 3rd. Business heated up fast during Independence Day weekend and continued to rise with the summer temperatures. David said there are several social events and seminars on the horizon for the October to April off-season. The marina and sailing club is located at 12 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Bridge Park between Piers 4 and 5. They can be reached via phone at (718) 490-7136. Their website is


Employees David and Kyle stand next to the marina’s floating docks.

The marina offers a glorious panoramic view of the New York harbor and skyline.

The marina offers a glorious panoramic view of the New York harbor and skyline.

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