New Shopping Guide + New Stores in time for the Atlantic Antic on Sunday Sept 29!

The BID has just got in a new batch of shopping guides for Fall 2013 and Winter 2014! Seasonally printed in the color red so you can’t miss them!

Check out the following new stores in the shopping guide and on the avenue – over 15 of them open within just a few months!

Luzzo’s Brooklyn (Pizzeria) – Brooklyn Heights (Opening soon)
145 Atlantic Avenue
Twitter: @pizzabyluzzos
The wood burning oven churns out the signature Luzzo’s pizza—perfect crust topped with fresh ingredients. The open-air backyard make this the perfect spot to chill on a warm Summer night and relax with great food and signature drinks. Luzzo’s has already developed a great reputation with their Manhattan location ( and other ventures by the same restauranteur including: Ovest ( and Da Mikele (

Color Haven Salon (Salon and Hair Colorist) – Cobble Hill
191 Clinton Street – (347) 384-2615

From Jolene R. on Yelp: I was lucky enough to find Anthony years ago and have never let anyone  color my hair since so I am thrilled that he finally has Color Haven, his own place.  He is a master with color and really, truly understands not only what works on your individual hair but also has a deep knowledge of the process and products.  Color Haven is a new Brooklyn gem – Nobody else has gotten me more compliments on how gorgeous my hair is than this man!

Sam & Sid Services (Phone, Accessories, Gifts) – Cobble Hill
176 Atlantic Avenue

A fun new store just under the Yemen Cafe offers phones, phone cards, t-shirts, and so much more. Go check it out and see for yourself!

Della Pietra’s (Butcher) – Brooklyn Heights
193 Atlantic Avenue

Our graceful, dry-aging program of gourmet meats and our attention to service and detail makes for a culinary experience with every meal. Our beef will be aged four to six weeks, in an expert, temperature-controlled environment. Our full line of poultry will be all-natural, free-range, and raised locally. All pork will be yielded from the Berkshire, Kurobuta black hog, renown worldwide for quality. We will only be selling all-natural, American lamb, and our veal
products will be milk-fed, yielded from the loin section. Accompanying our specialty meats, will be a vast selection of gourmet edibles, including local cheeses, fresh delivery of artisan breads, and balsamic vinegars and olive oils aged on premise. Our chefs will prepare carefully selected side dishes to compliment our proteins. We’ll also have a full line of butchering apparatus for the at-home butchers.  We aspire to grow with the neighborhood, while satisfying the discerning palettes of our customers and solidifying the connection between people and their food.

Elite Optique (Eyeglasses + Sun glasses) – Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill
226 Atlantic Avenue
Their Yelp page:

One of their Yelp reviews from Linda B.: “I came across this new optical on my way home from work.  I was amazed to see what brands they carry. They have brands that I usually would only see in the city like: Celine, Dita, Barton Perreira, Lanvin and more.  I was helped by Nathaniel who is the optician there.  He was really friendly and patient in helping me select my frames.  After about an hour we chose a pair and I just picked them up today and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Elite Optique. I will be seeing you again soon.”

PM Pediatrics (Urgent care) – Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill
240 Atlantic Avenue

From the moment you enter our unique offices it’s clear that PM Pediatrics is anything but a typical health care experience. PM Pediatrics was founded on the belief that there is a better way to deliver urgent care to kids. Our mission is to ensure that patients receive superior quality healthcare when they need it, without having to wait long for it. Our commitment to quality is evident in everything we do when providing care, comfort, and convenience to our patients and their families.

Supra Footwear (Skate Shoes) – Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill (Opening soon)
288 Atlantic Avenue
Their website:
See more:

In 2006, Angel Cabada launched a footwear company named “Supra” and, as of March 2013, the brand is distributed by One Distribution, the parent company of KR3W. Chad Muska has described the founding of the company as an “underground idea”, shared between five people, that became a “crazy explosion”. Since inception, the company has released signature model shoes from team riders, such as Muska, Tom Penny, Erik Ellington, and Stevie Williams.

Supra released a 260-page coffee table book in December 2012 that documents the history of the company since its establishment in 2006. In an interview for the book’s promotion, Ellington stated “It’s amazing to see something be so successful that easily could’ve gone the other way. I feel blessed, honored and I’m humbled. It’s something I’m really proud to be a part of.” In addition to serving as a catalog of the brand’s products, the book also features the brand’s team riders and collaborations, including those with artists such as Jay-Z.

On January 31, 2013, a promotional video for Jim Greco’s second signature shoe, “The Hammer”, was published on the Internet; Greco’s first signature model was named “The Suprano”. Greco explained, in relation to the “Hammer”, ““I wanted to make a super simple looking shoe. There’s a million shoes out there that are simple, but I really wanted that fusion of vulcanized and cup sole because I like the feel of the vulc, but I like the impact absorbing features of the cup sole.” and the shoe’s design was promoted as “a high performance, lightweight, low top skate shoe. The upper has a short eye stay, a long vamp, and minimal branding.”

Mavi Jeans (Jeans – Men’s/Women’s) – Boerum Hill
90 Smith Street

Mavi Jeans is a brand of denim jeans founded in 1991, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. The company manufactures jeans for both women and men, targeting a younger age group. Mavi has flagship stores in New York, Vancouver, Istanbul, Berlin and Frankfurt. There are 15 Mavi showrooms worldwide located in Istanbul, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Frankfurt, Munich, Copenhagen, Brussels,Sydney, Zurich, Paris, Toronto, Milano and Amsterdam. Celebrities who wear this brand of jeans include Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton.[2] The newest celebrity face of the company is Adriana Lima. The company’s name derives from the fact that ‘Mavi’ is a Turkish word for blue. Its major factory in Çerkezköy-Tekirdağ Province.

The Sliding Door Company (Sliding Doors fabrication+installation) – Boerum Hill
307 Atlantic Avenue
Their website:

A design company that provides sliding doors for a broad range of purposes including closets, room dividers, and office partitions. This is their first Brooklyn location and caps off an interesting row of home-wears options including: Flor (modular floor tiles); Solco Bath and Kitchen Faucet Showroom; and Silk Road Antique Furniture.

From Thanks to an innovative design company called The Sliding Door Co., today’s doors come in clear, frosted, laminated or linen glass…with clean, contemporary frames in a variety of finishes…and a number of striking designs. Sliding, swinging or stationary. Room doors, closet doors and dividers. And today’s walls can move. Open them for light. Close them for privacy. Use them as part of a total home design to make the best use of large spaces. Create new rooms in lofts. Enhance functionality in office structures. We didn’t set out to start a trend. Our objective was to design beautiful, state-of-the-art interior doors. We’ve set a new standard and in the process we are changing the way people design and decorate their homes and offices. So when you’re looking to upgrade your home, condo, loft or office, it’s an open and shut case.

The Sliding Door Co. The signature choice for today’s interiors.

Gant Rugger (Clothing) – Boerum Hill
357 Atlantic Avenue

Gant is a Swedish luxury clothing brand of American heritage launched in New Haven in 1949. The brand has since then been further developed, being influenced by European styles, and is now a global clothing business. Damon Gant’s products are available from retailers and at signature Gant stores throughout the world, and offer clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies. Home, Time, Fragrance, Footwear, Underwear and Eyewear licenses are also incorporated under the Gant brand name. The RUGGER sportswear line is aimed at a younger audience.

Atelier Cologne (Fragrance) – Boerum Hill
357 Atlantic Avenue

Atelier: A workshop or studio, specifically of an artist, artisan, or designer. A place for the execution of handcrafts or to practice arts and leisure; a place where an artist creates his body of art.

Cologne: The original eau de cologne was created three hundred years ago by an Italian perfumer established in Cologne, Germany. His fresh blend of citrus oils captured the memory of his homeland. It offered a revolutionary alternative to the heavy scents of the times and inspired a new way to wear personal fragrance.

Atelier Cologne is the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to the legendary perfumery classic, cologne. The creators, Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel, gave birth to a new olfactive family,  the « Cologne Absolue ». Combining innovative constructions and extremely high concentrations, Cologne Absolue is a cologne of character exalting the magical freshness of cologne coupled with the lasting power of eau de parfum. Each Cologne Absolue tells the story of treasured emotions and powerful memories.

Twisted Lily (Fragrance) – Boerum Hill
360 Atlantic Avenue

Twisted Lily, located in the Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn is a unique fragrance boutique and apothecary featuring hard to find niche, indie and natural fragrances from all over the world. The boutique located at 360 Atlantic Ave also features modern apothecary products such as skincare, grooming and beauty lines. Twisted Lily is a perfume & beauty lovers paradise.

The Primary Essentials (Home + Lifestyle Shop) – Boerum Hill (Will open in November 2013)
372 Atlantic Avenue

A Lovely Universe (A lifestyle shop) – Boerum Hill (Now open)
103 Bond Street
Their website:
A young entrepreneur who started online but has no moved to creating a physical store this is a very exciting addition to Bond Street. Products sold include jewelry, bags, and babywear.

A Lovely Universe is a lifestyle shop in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn that focuses on vintage inspired apparel, accessories and home decor items.

But let’s talk about where it all began. When Sarah Cunningham was five years old, she came across an article that inspired her in American Girl Magazine about another little gal making her own jewelry, selling her creations and growing her very own tiny business. The independent entrepreneurial spirit inside of Sarah was sparked which lead to selling little beaded bracelets on the beach in grade school, starting a babysitters club in middle school and selling hand embroidered clothing in high school. As a college student, Sarah discovered her love for vintage items and came up with an online business plan that started in her tiny dorm room.

After graduating college and putting in time working in the fashion and retail industry, Sarah has expanded from designing one of a kind jewelry online to a cozy storefront with A Lovely Universe’s new Bond Street location in Brooklyn, NY. The shop is a neighborhood one stop shopping destination for clients that are looking for items to enhance their lovely lives.

Kota Cafe (Vegan/vegetarian/Caribbean cafe) – Boerum Hill (Opened July)
444 Atlantic Avenue
A new cafe opens on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill section of Brooklyn – Kota Cafe offers a single page menu with entrees such as Almond Pat’e, Quionoa Sprouted, Lasagna, Plantain Salad, Wild Rice – $5 for Individual Portions or $15 for Family Style – Sides include Buglur Wheat, Kale Salad, Mac and Cheese and patties – Desserts, Juices, Homemade beverages and Smoothies are all served at Kota Cafe.

From the Kota Cafe:

“We like to highlight the importance of healthier eating. We would like to share healthy choices in eating raw, vegan and vegetarian meals. Feel free to share recipes for healthy drinks, dishes and desserts. Our goal is to keep you posted about what we have and more. 444 Atlantic Avenue is a great location. We also have Event Space Available.”

Planet Brooklyn Academy (Clothing) – Boerum Hill
517 Atlantic Avenue

Planet Brooklyn Academy is the brainchild of Brooklyn-born native Rob Norman. A graphic designer and fashion industry vet, Rob set out a few years back to create a lifestyle brand that would represent the culture and spirit of the city he loves so much. He saw many companies coming in, taking up the name “Brooklyn”—without knowing what it really means to be from there.
Much like any Ivy League school, the image associated with Planet Brooklyn Academy exudes prestige, pride, and elitism. Brooklyn is an institution unto itself. The people who make this city so great feel the same way about Brooklyn as the Ivy Leaguers do about their alma maters.
Brooklyn is a place recognized and idolized worldwide. It is time that one of the greatest cities on the planet has a brand of its own to represent it. Planet Brooklyn Academy is poised to become that brand ambassador. From streetwear to classic fashion appeal, Planet Brooklyn Academy is an apparel company that represents the life and pride that the borough of Brooklyn is known for worldwide. The brand vision is to become an institution providing fashion inspired by streetwear culture and collegiate heritage.

St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe (Fancy imported beer shoppe + tasting center) – Boerum Hill
533 Atlantic Avenue
By: “From My Melin

I finally checked out the recently opened St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe located at 533 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn a few short blocks away from the Barclay’s. This bottle shoppe and bar is really nice and clean. Yea, I know its new but I know the owners will keep it looking nice too. The decor is rustic wood with metal with some awesome Bottle Cap artwork courtesy of Emma from RETTOCAMME and it has an old farmhouse type feel to it almost which is very calming and relaxing.

They have a selection of 16 beers on tap for enjoyment including one nitro tap. The selection the other night was great having everything from Pale Ales to Saisons to Belgian Triples to IPAs to Black IPAs … I think you get the point. The prices are reasonable with most beers checking in at $6-$7 for a pint and smaller 12 oz pours are also available. They also do Growlers to go.

As far as food they have some basic Toasties that are very tasty. What is a Toastie? It is basically a grilled cheese sandwich that has a little more than just cheese. The one had prosciutto and guava paste and the other a nice ham. Sadly, since I am a bad blogger I don’t know the cheese type and their menu isn’t online yet.

The current bottle selection to go is small but they literally just opened less than a week ago and are in the process of getting their stock in and shelved so give them time. Knowing my friend Ray who is one of the owners the bottle selection, like the draft selection, will be top notch and very diverse.

Bottom line if you are in the area stop in for a pint. The service is great, the customers friendly and the vibe is very warm and welcoming. However, if you want Bud, Miller or Coors then don’t waste your time because you won’t find any crap here!

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