Espresso Me: A New Arrival Near Brooklyn Bridge Park


Atlantic Avenue recently welcomed a new coffee shop, Espresso Me, near the corner of Hicks. Owner Allan Lin originally intended to go to dental school. He was studying for the entrance exam when he realized he spent most of his time in coffee shops. This realization inspired him to open his new café. He was initially looking into Bay Ridge but changed his mind after a stroll through Dumbo. Allan loved the vibrancy of Brooklyn Bridge Park, so naturally he opened his store in a formerly vacant space just steps from the park. The coffee shop offers standards like espresso and lattes, with the novel addition of Thai ice cream. The rolled ice cream, while popular in Chinatown and other neighborhoods, is a new phenomenon in this area. Lin says the reception in the neighborhood has been very positive so far, and that people love the “cozy yet professional” vibe the spot provides.

img_3105Espresso Me is located at 88 Atlantic Avenue between Henry and Hicks.img_3103

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