Cuteness Defined: Brooklyn Cat Cafe

By Melissa Duchan

Brooklyn’s only Cat Café debuted May 7 on Atlantic. Atlantic Avenue was the perfect spot for the Cat Café because the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition, an animal rescue society, was already operating in the area. The café’s primary clientele thus far has been neighborhood kids, with a smattering of tourists from upstate, other states and even other countries. The rescue society felt the café was a great way to take advantage of the many animal lovers in the neighborhood. The Cat Café is a fun compromise for people who like animals but don’t want to take on the commitment of having their own pets. However, the café also holds adoption events for those who are willing to take on that commitment. All the cats in the space are up for adoption. There is also a 24/7 live stream kitten cam for people to observe the cats remotely in real time. Visitors can purchase a calendar featuring cats next to various Brooklyn landmarks such as the BQE water tower and the Brooklyn Bridge.  The cafe is located at 149 Atlantic Avenue between Henry and Clinton. Their website is


The cats lounge around on various pieces of furniture



The space feels like the comfortable apartment of a cat lover


A sample of the adorable kittens found at the Cat Cafe


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