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Read 718 Promotes Children’s Literacy on Atlantic

By Melissa Duchan Read 718 is a nonprofit children’s literacy program operating on Atlantic between Bond and Nevins. Children who are reading below grade level come to Read 718 and … Continue Reading →

Woolyn: Crafting a Close-Knit Community

Woolyn is a new knitting store which opened on Saturday, August 20th on Atlantic between Henry and Hicks. The store is well-stocked with all variety of yarns, needles, looms, fiber for spinning and other miscellaneous tools and notions. Continue Reading →

Atlantic Avenue Sidewalks and Side Streets to Become Pop-up Apartments and Design Playground

The sidewalks and side streets of Atlantic Avenue – Brooklyn’s “Main Street” – will transform into a series of pop-up apartment rooms, workshops and showcases as part of the 4th Annual NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s official celebration of design. Continue Reading →

Harris Salat: the Accidental Japanese Food Emperor of Brooklyn

How did you get into the Japanese food business?

Harris Salat: “It was kind of an accident. I’d say, almost 20 years ago I got started. I went to Japan on a trip and I was very surprised by their cuisine. I was a journalist in a former life; a great way to learn about something is to write about it, so I started writing about Japanese food. Continue Reading →