Never leave Brooklyn Bridge Park: We Deliver

The west end of Atlantic Avenue ends at Brooklyn Bridge Park, which – if you haven’t been – is an amazing place. Pier 6, the piece of the park that is adjacent to Atlantic Avenue, is home to one of the hottest playgrounds in New York City and a ferry terminal serving Governors Island. Pier 5, just north of Atlantic, has sports fields and picnic areas.

On a typical weekend the park is packed to the gills and while there is some food service at the park, it requires you to leave whatever spot you’ve settled into and get on a crazy line. If you’re there with kids, extracting them to get on line is near impossible. Besides, sometimes you just want more options and someone to come to you.


Chip Shop Pub
129 Atlantic Avenue
(718) 855-7775


Fatoosh Pizza and BBQ
330 Hicks Street
(718) 243-0500
Must be $15 or more


Mitoushi Sushi
177 Atlantic Ave
(718) 935-1600


Nature’s Grill
138 Court St
(718) 852-5100
Will deliver as far as the Brooklyn Bridge


Pronto Pizza
139 Court Street
(718) 522-2225


Sottocasa Pizzeria
298 Atlantic Avenue
(718) 852-8758


Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza
87 Atlantic Ave
(718) 797-9300
Will deliver around Pier 6

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