About the AABID

The purpose of a BID is to improve conditions for businesses in a specific area, attract and retain businesses, generate jobs and improve quality of life for those who use the district. A BID enables stakeholders to decide which services to provide in order to meet their district’s specific needs.

Our BID, known as the AABID, was signed into law in September 2011 after garnering overwhelming support from stakeholders, Community Boards 2 & 6, and various City Council committees and City agencies. Operations launched in April 2012 to meet our Mission & Vision.

Atlantic Avenue has a rich and interesting history as Brooklyn and New York City’s grandest boulevards. Please see this history guide created by the Atlantic Avenue Betterment Association. Some of the stores no longer exist but most of the content is still correct: AABA-Walking-Guide . The guide was created in 2000.

Our Mission & Vision

Representing over 300 businesses in Brooklyn’s vibrant Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill and Cobble Hill neighborhoods, the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District (AABID) is dedicated to promoting the Avenue’s long-term economic development thereby creating a thriving boulevard that attracts both residents and visitors to its vast array of services, shops and dining, while preserving the Avenue’s rich history and diverse character.

To accomplish our mission, the AABID provides the following services to local businesses:

  • Marketing and promotion of the business boulevard
  • Capital improvements, streetscape and beautification projects aimed at creating a clean and attractive environment for living, shopping, dining and sightseeing
  • Advocacy programs and business services that improve economic conditions and support a high quality of life for local businesses and residents.
Please see the Atlantic Avenue BID By-Laws
Please see the AABID FY2016 Audited Financial Statements, Charities Bureau Filings and Form 990: Atlantic Avenue District Management Association Financial Statements June 30, 2013

AABID Board Director Expectations – Statement of Commitment

The AABID is dependent on the active and regular participation of all Board Directors. As a grass-roots organization, Board Directors are expected to roll up their sleeves and pound the pavement on behalf of AABID programs and initiatives. The minimum member term is two years, with the expectation that each Board Director with contribute a minimum of one hour a week, or 50 hours a year, to board duties.

Below are more specific guidelines to help all members plan for their commitment and active participation.

–       Regularly attend and participate in all board meetings, usually four to six per year. This includes reviewing of materials, including minutes, in advance of scheduled meetings and following-up on meeting action items.

–       It is absolutely imperative to attend board meetings or provide a representative in your stead. Please note the following excerpt from our By-Laws, section 4.6: “Any Class A, B, C, or E Director may be removed at any time with or without cause by the vote of the class of members which elected such Director. For the avoidance of doubt, where a Director fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board, and was not excused from such meetings and failed to have a representative attend in his or her stead, such failure to attend shall constitute cause for the purposes of this Section 4.6.”

–       Be a member of one or more of the following committees:

  • Architecture and Preservation: meets on an as-needed basis with property owners, architects, and developers to encourage the historic character of the avenue by preserving older buildings and making sure new buildings are contextual
  • Shopping Guide: meets twice per year to develop the content of the shopping guide and comment on its design
  • Finance – Chaired by Treasurer: meets quarterly to review the BID’s books
  • Audit – Chaired by the Vice Chair: meets twice per year – once in the early/mid Fall to hire the auditor and set parameters of the audit and once in the late Fall to meet with the auditor to approve the audit
  • Nominating: meets as needed, prior to annual member meeting to recruit and prepare the slate for new board members, committee chairs, and executive committee members
  • Vacancy Reduction: meets monthly to review strategies to reduce the vacancy rate by recruiting high quality entrepreneurs who will contribute to the vitality of Atlantic Avenue
  • Special Events + Marketing: meets weekly in weeks leading up to June and December events
  • BID Challenge Grant: meets often – at least every two weeks – to manage the BID Challenge Grant
  • Sanitation: meets annually to evaluate sanitation services and helps supervise sanitation work on an on-going basis
  • Block Captains: keep your block engaged in all BID activities, particularly with regard to events
  • Executive (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) – Chaired by Board Chair

–       During the course of a two-year board commitment to chair at least one committee. A committee chair is responsible for the overall leadership of the committee, including but not limited to:

  • Calendaring and notification of meetings to Committee members
  • Preparation and distribution of meeting agenda and minutes
  • Coordination with relevant outside vendors, when applicable
  • Overall leadership of Committee

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Executive Director or Chair at 718-734-4219 or email us.


Atlantic Avenue BID Staff

Sara Nordmann – Executive Director

Ria Ferreria – Social Media & Events Manager

Melissa Duchan – Research Assistant


Atlantic Avenue BID Board of Directors

Brian Ezra Class A: Property Owner
Carmen Pacheco Class A: Property Owner
Christine Whelan Class A: Property Owner
Frances Caroll Class A: Property Owner
Martha Kamber Class A: Property Owner
Joy Sinderbrand – Treasurer Class A: Property Owner
Laurie Maurer Class A: Property Owner
Matthew LaSorsa Class A: Property Owner
Nancy Cogen – Vice Chair Class A: Property Owner
Nathaniel Rubin – Secretary Class A: Property Owner
Sandra Balboza Class A: Property Owner
Sue Wolfe Class A: Property Owner
Thomas Mark Class A: Property Owner
Demetrios Yatrakis-Chair Class A: Property Owner
Wayne Miles Class A: Property Owner
Annette Strawder Class B: Commercial Tenant
Luca Arrigoni Class B: Commercial Tenant
Phil Morgan Class B: Commercial Tenant
Kate McGregor Class B: Commercial Tenant
Albert Chau Class B: Commercial Tenant
Hanna Baek Class C: Resident
Mayor De Blasio, rep. by Stephen Lee, DSBS Class D: Elected Official
Comptroller Stringer, rep. by Ari Kagan Class D: Elected Official
Brooklyn Borough President Adams, rep. by Nannearl Blackshear Class D: Elected Official
Council Member Stephen Levin, rep. by Glomani Bravo-Lopez Class D: Elected Official
William Harris, Member of Community Board  2 Class E: Non-voting
Council Member Brad Lander, rep. by Victoria Sell and Susan Charlop Class E: Non-voting
Assemblywoman Simon, rep. by TBD Class E: Non-voting


State Senator Squadron, rep. by Robert Young Class E: Non-voting
State Senator Montgomery, rep. by Irene Van Slyke Class E: Non-voting



David Alperin, Class A

Kenneth Humphries, Class A

Drew Riley, Class B



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